Cancellations or appointment changes must be made with no less than 24 hour notice to be free of charge. Changes made with less than 24 hour notice do not give proper time to fill the newly opened spot and will be charged a fee of $25 per hour for the time you are rebooking. This fee serves as a non-refundable deposit for your new appointment and will go toward the service cost if the new appointment is kept. If the new appointment is rescheduled within a 24 hour window the fee will be forfeited and a new fee will be required to rebook. Appointments missed with no communication at all will result in a $25 per hour of services missed rebooking fee that does NOT go toward any future appointment. This fee must be paid before any new appointments can be reserved.

Changes to reservations made with more than 

24 hour notice will accrue no fees at all. 


Cut and colors can be a journey and from time to time there may be a misstep. In the event of a needed “tweak” guests can contact me up to 10 days after their service for any necessary adjustments. *Please note; color clients must be using products at home purchased through me or approved by me through a reputable retailer and have the coordinating receipt. Hair color can not be guaranteed if proper at-home maintenance is not being utilized.


Products purchased through me that you are not 100% satisfied with can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase.