Hi there!

I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I realized that I wanted to be a hairstylist when I was only four years old. A haircut at a hole-in-the wall salon next to my parents’ jewelry store made me feel my most confident to date. As I strutted out the door, holding up my corduroys that were a size too big, I realized that I wanted everyone to feel as amazing as I did in that exact moment and thus my future was decided. After quite a few years of treating my friends and family like my own personal mannequin heads, everyone getting high off of ammonia in poorly ventilated bathrooms, I happily made my way to cosmetology school in Santa Monica, CA and subsequently got my license in 2009. Over the years I’ve grown to appreciate the beauty in each unique challenge my guests bring to me. I pride myself on being solution oriented as well as straightforward with my guests and our expectations. Together we get to find the best option for you and your hair.

Grateful for the skill set I have and the work I get to do with it, none of it would matter if I didn't have my clients. I consider each of you to be the conditioner to my shampoo. It is, and has always been, my goal to help you find what makes you happy and confident. Take some time for yourself and make your way to my chair to find some peace in your busy day…and maybe have a glass of wine while you’re at it! I truly believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful and everyone deserves more good hair days. Whether you are a supermodel, a CEO, a mom--or all of the above, I stand behind the chair ready to help you and your hair shine.

Spruce & Cedar Salon, Culver City 2017-Present


FRAMED Salon, Santa Monica 2014-17


FRAMED Salon Studio, West Hollywood 2013-14


Byu-ti Hair Therapy, Santa Monica 2009-13


Redken Color Certified


Redken Symposium Attendee

2019, 2015, 2013, 2011

Intimate/hands-on training

Sam Villa, Chris Baran, Ellen Lawlor, Jerric Fruits, Leah Freeman, Adina Doss